Founder's story : the beginning...his legacy lives on

Breaking new ground....1997 by Kenneth Christman

It all began on the dock at a friend's cabin, when it was suggested that my Speedo wearing days were over. Later in the day, I checked myself out in the mirror. People were looking and they were right! The back of my jeans resembled a denim shower curtain. I had lost my butt. No wonder I found it uncomfortable to sit on hard surfaces. There, I've admitted it - now you can too.

This was a blow to my physical self-esteem, not to mention the comfort factor. Exercising did not help (I suppose in the same way that hair tonics do not cure baldness), and I certainly wasn't going to get a butt implant.

I searched in vain for a product to relieve my dilemma. The only one for men that I found resembled and felt like I was wearing a feminine undergarment from the 1950's. No wonder women finally revolted!

What to do? Obviously, it was necessary to "break new ground" and have no preconceived ideas or boundaries, other than that they meet 5 basic criteria: comfort, natural appearance, quality, versatility and be machine washable. Gradually, the criteria came together and Butt For You®, huggable boxer briefs were born.

Our product targets no specific age group or wearer demographics. While we are presently marketing the briefs as a body shaping enhancer, there appears to be a strong therapeutic and sports quotient evolving.

Kenneth Christman - Founder 1942-2004

Kenneth Christman was the dynamic and visionary founder of Butt For You®. A creative innovator, Ken was determined to ensure every man could feel good about himself. In his words, he would "fix what nature had neglected". In 1996, he came up with the concept that became Butt For You®. After a year of research, product development and focus groups, Ken took his creation to market in 1997.

Ken was proud of his new business, and avidly embraced the role of spokesperson. He believed in Butt For You®, and was never at a loss for words when it came to his company! He established our credo of always providing exceptional customer service and support—a mandate we see rewarded today with so many repeat customers. He enjoyed finding out each new customer's reason for buying, and would always point out many other uses, whether recreational sports, relief from the effects of illness, office comfort, or simply to look as great as possible!

In 2003, Ken was diagnosed with cancer. He underwent surgery and chemotherapy, always with an optimistic and positive outlook, never burdening others. In May 2004, Ken succumbed to his illness. A great friend to the world was lost.

Today, Butt For You® carries on Ken's legacy of a great product with exceptional service and support. We have customers new and old, all over the world.

Thank you for your continued support. We promise you that superior quality and service will always remain our first priority—as Ken would expect.

Management Team