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Mens Tanning Trunks

Picture the scene from Casino Royale where James Bond emerges from the sea in his sexy blue trunks. This famous scene inspired our new BFU padded tanning trunks.

These sleek and sexy tanning trunks from BFU enhance your best assets. Ideal for sunning and splashing*.

Fabric: Quality craftsmanship and design puts the highest priority on comfort, so you can move effortless from the pool and patio to the bistro and bar!

Our fabric is designed to keep you cool and dry. Wicking & Anti-UV Polyester/ spandex jersey fabric enables moisture to "wick" away from the body, speeding up evaporation.

Lining: Our lining is the finest, longest-wearing blend available in the marketplace. 82% Nylon and 10% polyester feels comfortable and provides the 'breathability'. 8% spandex ensures the lining keeps its shape, fits smoothly and hugs your body perfectly. The inserts stay taut and close to you for a bright, buoyant silhouette.

Removable water-repellant pads in 2 silhouettes: slim and regular. Remove before washing swim shorts. Air dry separately.

One set of pads included with every purchase.

*Quick-dry stretch fabric may slightly show the edge of the pads when wet.

Tanning Trunks - $59.95

What is combed cotton?

Extra-soft cotton used in fine garments. When cotton is "combed", the shortest fibers of a batch are discarded. The result produces high-quality yams with excellent strength and softness.


We use a premium combed cotton jersey, for ultimate comfort and breathability. The ultra-soft fabric holds its shape and resists pilling, staying silky soft and supple after repeated machine washings. A touch of spandex in the blend ensures shape retention and a sleek line under even the closest-fitting outfits.

Our premium 11-oz jersey fabric is one of the finest, longest-wearing blends available in the marketplace. 95% combed cotton feels comfortable and provides the ‘breathability’ that only a natural fiber allows. 5% spandex ensures the underwear keeps its shape, fits smoothly and hugs your body perfectly. The inserts stay taut and close to you for a bright, buoyant silhouette.


The secret to BFU underwear lies in our exclusive design that allows the pads to be removed or inserted as you choose, for a customized shape and ultimate comfort. But our designers didn’t stop there. They sourced the highest quality foam for the inserts, so you’ll feel comfortable and look great every time you wear BFU underwear. Supple yet long-lasting, the inserts can be removed before washing, so they won’t break down. Our care and attention to fit means that BFU inserts hug your buttocks completely, for a truly natural silhouette.

Slim pads provide 5/8” (1.27cm) of comfort. Regular pads provide provide 7/8” (2.2 cm). You select the size that is right for you when ordering. Pads are 9” x 6” covering the buttock area completely and naturally, not just giving you a “bump” like other products.