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Product Research

Butt For You has always been committed to providing superior products that meet your needs. We realize that for many of our customers, BFU underwear is an important tool as they deal with the debilitating side effects of illness.

Fat loss and deteriorating bone density can make it uncomfortable to sit for extended periods. We wanted to ensure that our BFU line provided as much support as possible to customers dealing with these issues.

Product Testing

We consulted with an oncologist as we developed and refined our initial prototype, to better understand the challenging side effects of fat loss and how it affects patients as they cope with illness. We listened and learned, created our initial design and conducted trials over a 12 month period with patients and other users.

Product Development

The trial period provided great insight into the usage and requirements of such a specialized product. Over the many months, we held focus groups to hear direct feedback from patients and former patients: what they used to deal with the discomfort, what would make their day to day lives easier, how they disliked 'standing out' in a group because their illnesses and treatment had altered their bodies.

We have utilized the latest scientific research and advances in bio-mechanical engineering as we evaluate and refine our product line.

We selected lightweight yet durable materials that provide support yet retain flexibility and softness, then required heat, stress and wear testing to ensure reliability, quality and comfort.

Our customers tell us that BFU products help reduce their lower back and leg pain and general discomfort as well as improve their confidence about their appearance as they deal with their health issues. We're proud we can help.