Product Use: Healthcare Benefits

Healthcare Benefits

If an illness or a decline in health has left you with less 'padding' than before, we'll help you find a higher level of comfort and confidence. Sitting or resting should help you regain strength - not be a source of discomfort. BFU offers cushioning, softness and a peace of mind that are certain to help you relax and rest.

Pain associated with sitting may be a result of the loss of fat (lipoatrophy) in the buttocks from an illness or normal aging. Seniors, cancer patients and long term HIV patients may experience various degrees of sitting pain affecting their quality of life and comfort.

Over the years, BFU has proven to not only provide relief and comfort to patients suffering of lipoatrophy, but also to boost their self-confidence and enhance their quality of life.



"I wanted to let you know that the primary reason for my purchase was because I developed severe back and leg pain after sitting any length of time. I had searched the web for some type of garment that would decrease the pain and your company was the only one that carried anything like this. It has made of world of difference and I look good too."

S.C., Van Nuys, CA

"Your product seemed like the answer to an increasingly difficult problem I've been having with the NY Subway system. We have, I'll guess, the most unforgiving seats of any subway system in the world. I tried carrying a small (airline) pillow with me, but I knew I was bound to leave it behind (no pun intended) one day, and sure enough I did. Since receiving my Butt For You underwear I never even notice that I have them on. What I appreciate is that I just take a seat and don't think about it or the damage this was doing to my posture/spine ...."

All good wishes, A.Z. New York, NY

"Your underwear gave me back my dignity--after a long period of Lipoatrophy and muscle wasting, I felt like I could still go out in public and not look sick - and the padding surely gave me extra comfort sitting on any hard surface! I was even using the underwear under bathing suits, but now that you make them, I no longer have to worry about how I look at the beach, either! Thanks!"

M.S., Skillman, NJ

"As an avid user of your product, I must tell you – that you are the best. I have tried other similar products that didn't quite do the job as well as yours do."


"I must tell you and your folks, I lost a lot of mean muscle mass after a prolonged illness. Needless to say, my butt went with it. It actually was very painful for me to sit down for any long period of time. These padded briefs have made a tremendous difference for me. Thank-you all very much!"

W.K., Chicago, IL