Product Use: Seniors


The desire for greater comfort knows no age limit. In fact, as we age, we may be less mobile, and there's a greater need for some extra padding and support while we sit. Iintroduce your loved ones to Butt For You!

Regain your confidence for everyday living. Easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Our padded underwear is made with 100% cotton to breathe and not retain moisture like other butt padding underwear.

  • Provides comfort when sitting
  • Protection from falls
  • Improves self esteem



"I think butt for you underwear is a brilliant concept and has given me a new confidence in how i feel about myself. Thank you."

James, UK

"At 75 I am extremely pleased to finally have some buns, thanks to you! My trousers no longer look baggy, they are very comfortable even worn over my shorts and I would recommend them for anyone wishing to make their trousers fit like they should."

M.F., Nashville, TN

"THANK YOU so so much! I purchased your product for the purpose of obtaining fullness in the rear and recently had a really bad slip and fall. Thank you, because I was wearing your product I did not sustain a bad injury. Your product is so great, it actually clings to your existing rear, creating a real natural butt and feel especially when walking and running. I suffer from Lipoatrophy (Loss of fat) "

D.M., Bogota, NJ