Testimonials : what our customers tell us

"I have just received the products today. I wanted to let you know that the whole ordering and delivery process was fast efficient and the tracking system was a big help. The products are great too. I am very happy with the purchase. Understandably the cost to ship is a consideration but I have researched similar products on the net extensively and there is nothing that comes close to what you have so I am well pleased. I will definitely be ordering more products in the future so will keep your email address in my system.

Thank you again for being flexible with your shipping doing business with me. The whole experience has been a very positive one."

T.J., New Zealand

"Your underwear gave me back my dignity-after a long period of Lipodystrophy and muscle wasting, I felt like I could still go out in public and not look sick-and the padding surely gave me extra comfort sitting on any hard surface! I was even using the underwear under bathing suits, but now that you make them, I no longer have to worry about how I look at the beach, either! Thanks!"

M.S., Skillman - NJ

"I have been a huge fan of your undergarments. As a person living with the AIDS, its disfiguring side effects and living on disability, you undergarments have given me more than a physical lift. They have given me a stronger self-image and you should feel proud of your design."

R.S., New York, NY

"I just wanted to inform you that I received my 3 pairs of men's boxer-briefs on Saturday! Thanks for rushing it over. They couldn't have come at better time since I had to go to a get together last night.

They are great! They are building up my self-esteem as I continue to work out and strengthen and tone my legs and buns :) God bless you for this wonderful product; I only hope you will get some in black and possibly make it in red! My deepest thanks!"

D.D., Fresh Meadows, NY

"Thanks so much for checking up! Our actor brought his personal set in (we are building the new set into a specialty costume) and I have to say, that your underpants make a very natural butt!

I sincerely look forward to using your product and referring it to others in the future! Thanks,"

Maggie, CA

"Thank you for the beautiful product you shipped. It is extremely well made and cleverly designed."

Michelle, NJ

"I just received my 7 pairs of boxer briefs and I must say that they are very comfortable. Whenever I would buy a new pair of pants they would never fit right in the butt area.  Not anymore! My jeans, work and dress pants all look good on me now. I chose the slim pads because they look more natural on me. I will definitely order your new swimwear and have already told friends about your great product. Thank You. "

T.S.,   St Georges, Bermuda  

"I have been wearing your underwear for many years and am very satisfied. They have improved my look, and my confidence. In fact, I am not comfortable leaving the house without them."


"I must tell you that, unfortunately, your kind assistance is not the norm today. So, I congratulate you and your firm for your excellent customer service. "

Corky, PA

"Just received my undergarment today, and couldn't be more pleased!! I have already tried them on with both pads in, with all my favorite jeans. I can't wait until the weekend!! Your product has certainly made my day, I will be ordering more!! Thanks again."

M.H., Halethorpe, MD

"I NEVER do this… but I wanted to write and let you know how great your padded underwear looks and feels. Lipodistrophy has taken my backside away, and this underwear has given it back to me… but more importantly, I am so much more comfortable doing simple things like sitting down with friends for coffee or dinner… I can't imagine why I'd wear anything else"

M.H., US

"Your product has saved my life, making me look normal after suffering from HIV AIDS wasting (fat loss in the butt). Thank-you, bless you."

J.R., Fort Lauderdale, FL