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POZ USA, November 2009

Booty Boost - Help (and padding) for derrieres diminished by fat loss.I've lived with HIV for 14 years, and my bum remains perky. I haven't had butt droop or lipoatrophy...(read more)

Living in bonus round, Blog, 2009

"Hey!!" Said Heidi, who was over here this past weekend with her husband Tom, for her birthday. "You look good!" I was, at that moment, bending over to get something out of the fridge...(read more)

San Francisco Chronicle, USA 2008

Paul, a retired school administrator from Indiana, was tired of his wife's complaints. "She kept saying, 'You've got no butt,' " Paul says. "So I thought, 'I'll show you. I'll buy me a butt.' "...(read more)

MEN USA, November 2006

Switching meds is not the only way to remedy - or hide-lipo's hills and valleys. As Liz Highleyman reveals, the nondrug solutions are improving with time. Problem: Flat butt, toothpick arms and legs ...(read more)

MEN USA, November 2006

Pad your backyard and make it look firm and bouncy with enhanced briefs that are undetectable under clothes...(read more)

GCN Ireland, July 2006

Let's be honest, there few things less attractive than a guy with no ass; saggy jeans do not a hunk make...(read more)

POZ UK, May 2006

As an HIV man in my late ffties, I find the majority of my day-to-day problems are not dealt with by magazines like yours. As someone who has lipodystrophy, I find it virtually impossible to find underpants made for someone without any buttocks....(read more)

POZ USA, March 2005

Once upon a time, I had a butt. But that was before HIV meds - especially Zerit - melted it way three years ago. I didn't have 10-grand-plus to correct this fat wasting, so I found a kick-ass backup: underwear with butt pads...(read more)