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The desire for greater comfort knows no age limit. In fact, as we age, we may be less mobile, and there's a greater need for some extra padding and support while we sit. Introduce your loved ones to BFU. read more


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Whether you're a serious athlete or just starting out, our products are great to absorb shock, provide extra comfort, and give you that competitive edge. read more

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Get the curves Mother Nature forgot with our comfortable and realistic looking butt enhancers. Our Butt For You butt enhancers provide a moderate boost for a natural curve making you feel sexy and confident - so natural looking know no-one will know. read more

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Members of both sexes appreciate a great butt! Why not enhance yours - discreetly and comfortably? The benefits are more than just a trim appearance. If you're sitting at an office desk all day, you'll appreciate the improved comfort level. Has a weight loss made your trousers a little too baggy? Update your silhouette quickly, with no telltale signs.